Version 1.0 (05 June 2020)

Facilities currently licensed to use LES MILLSTM Programs (Licensed Facilities) and their certified Les Mills Instructors (Instructors) are granted a limited and revocable right to livestream classes of LES MILLS Programs subject to and in accordance with, the following terms and conditions:

  1. Instructors may only livestream classes of LES MILLS Programs, (i) that they are certified to teach in a Live class; and (ii) on behalf of a Licensed Facility.
  2. Licensed Facilities may only livestream classes of LES MILLS Programs, (i) that are licensed at their location; (ii) using certified LES MILLS instructors; and (iii) to registered members of such location, either behind a login or within a private group. Livestream classes must not be broadcast to the general public.
  3. Licensed Facilities must NOT record livestreamed classes, or make them available for playback at any time after the livestream.
  4. To the extent required, Licensed Facilities will be responsible for securing and paying for music licenses from the relevant collection society, performing right organisation or other entity in respect of their livestreamed classes.
  5. Licensed Facilities will be responsible for complying with the terms of use and paying fees for (if applicable) the livestream platform they have chosen to use.
  6. Licensed Facilities will ensure the appropriate insurance is in place to cover livestreaming (including any physical injury to participants).
  7. Licensed Facilities and Instructors will be responsible for compliance with any applicable laws and regulations that might apply to the livestream classes.
  8. There will be no charge to Licensed Facilities for an initial pilot period of 3 months from the date above, after which fees to livestream LES MILLS Programs may be applicable.
  9. The right to livestream classes is an extension of the existing agreements with Licensed Facilities and Instructors. The terms and conditions that apply to Programs and classes in such existing agreements will also apply to livestream classes (unless the context requires otherwise).
  10. Les Mills may withdraw the right to livestream LES MILLS Programs (or certain LES MILLS Programs) at any time without notice.