For 25 years, BODYCOMBAT™ workouts have been packing gyms all over the planet. Every week, millions unite in the power of punching and kicking. It’s a movement and a mentality – here are 7 reasons to join the fight.

#1 It’s science-backed cardio (that’s not monotonous)

Cardiovascular exercise is a key component of any well-balanced fitness routine because it improves fitness and helps your heart and lungs function more efficiently. BODYCOMBAT is based on the science of cardio peak training, a hybrid of steady-state training and high-intensity exercise. It involves working at your aerobic training base (between 60-80% of maximum heart rate) with peaks of intensity above 85%. This means you build cardio endurance while tapping into the transformative effects associated with high-intensity interval training. The other benefit is the variety it brings. Many steady-state options like running, rowing or walking are renowned for being monotonous. BODYCOMBAT is anything but. The ten tracks in a 55-minute BODYCOMBAT workout each focus on a different training stimulus. The moves are set to powerful music, and the coaching is guaranteed to inspire and motivate.

#2 It’s a score for your core

BODYCOMBAT is a surprisingly good core workout – in just one 55-minute workout, you’ll kick and punch through the equivalent of 1,700 crunches! The core strengthening power comes from something called, Reactive Core Training. This is essentially what happens when you exploit your body’s muscle wiring and natural reflexes by doing movements that force your core muscles to automatically respond as they’re meant to. It’s key to unlocking your functional core strength, which is what you need for everyday life. Read more about the core training power of BODYCOMBAT

#3 It does wonders for your mental wellness

Regardless of how you choose to move, exercise moves mountains when it comes to improving mental health. Choose a workout like BODYCOMBAT and you’ll find the benefits are extraordinarily potent. Martial arts are recognized for their ability to reduce levels of anxiety, aggression, hostility, and neuroticism while promoting self-esteem and feelings of confidence and independence.

The music is particularly good for your emotional wellbeing. When you’re focused on moving to the beat, you lose yourself in the music, which helps you get out of your head. One study has highlighted how the music during a BODYCOMBAT workout helps enhance feelings of happiness and joy while helping participants feel mentally and spiritually 'lighter', as well as increasing energy.

#4 It improves agility and reflexes

During a BODYCOMBAT workout you move swiftly, accelerate quickly, stop deftly and shift your body in different directions. The fusion of speed and multi-directional movement improves agility by training your body to be flexible and adaptable. With improved agility, you move faster, with better control and balance to take your overall athletic performance to the next level. It can help you develop a stronger mind/body connection too. You can tailor the punching and kicking to suit your ability, increasing the speed of your combinations as your reflexes, agility and balance improve.

#5 It’s a phenomenal stress release

Punching and kicking your way through a BODYCOMBAT workout is one of the healthiest ways to ease tension and eliminate stress. "It's the most cathartic form of kick-ass," explains Les Mills Program Director, Rachael Newsham, who adds that the therapeutic benefits leave you feeling empowered, stress-free and ready for anything, “It’s more than a workout, it's a way to consistently experience joy, excitement and euphoria. It makes you feel fierce and in control. You can always rely on BODYCOMBAT to help escape your everyday stresses.”

#6 It tones your upper and lower body `

BODYCOMBAT is highly regarded for its cardio power, but it's a surprisingly good way to strengthen and tone your muscles. With rounds of intensive punching, you'll fire up the muscles in your back, shoulders, chest and arms, while your glutes and quads will feel the burn as you kick, squat and pulse.

#7 It's fun

BODYCOMBAT is the perfect blend of fight intensity and feel-good fun. In a live class, the energy is infectious and it's impossible not to walk away smiling (and sweaty). With virtual or at-home BODYCOMBAT workouts you can tap into the endorphins anytime it works for you – and this can be a great format to have fun building your confidence. Another option is BODYCOMBAT XR. This virtual reality experience uses a VR/MR headset to immerse you in new workout worlds – where you earn points punching and striking your way through the game.

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