LES MILLS Wellness is a life-changing new series of breath training, yin yoga and meditation sessions developed with Diana Archer Mills and a team of wellness experts. To celebrate the launch, Instructors will be gifted a complementary selection of sessions in their Releases App from May 2021.

Could you do with a bit of rest and a reset?

Let's face it, life can feel, well, BUSY. In our over-stimulated, over-productive, 21st century lives we’re often racing from one task to another (or one workout to another), with little time to pause and actually check in with our minds and bodies. This is particularly true for Instructors, who are often racing from their nine to five to teach a couple of back-to-back classes in the evening!

Enter LES MILLS Wellness, a series of videos ranging from 5 – 55 minutes. These practices have been designed as the perfect complement to physical workouts, carefully crafted to enhance connection to breath and body. They’ve been developed in recognition that ultimate health runs deeper than just physical exercise, aiming to help you access a deeper state of calm in a frequently frantic world.

The areas of focus are:


Explore breath techniques to increase energy and vitality, improve clarity of mind and boost physical and emotional resilience. These life-changing sessions span 5-15 minutes.


Experience soft yoga poses and focused breathwork to calm minds and open hearts. There is a full guided yoga journey, or a short yoga practice that will center you at any time of the day.


Learn simple techniques to help quickly transition from chaos to calm, shift away from anxiety, sleep easy, and enhance peace and wellbeing across all aspects of life.

Introducing the holistic health experts:


After being diagnosed with a degenerative spinal disorder at 13, Fraser Beck discovered corrective breathing and dynamic neuromuscular stabilization. This helped him become pain-free and continue playing representative-level sport. When he suffered an ACL rupture at 19, Fraser gravitated to yoga, meditation and other forms of contemplative practice. He is now a holistic health practitioner who focuses on the Maori concept of Hauora, which defines four dimensions of health and wellbeing: physical, emotional, social and spiritual. Fraser's academic research interests include musculoskeletal medicine, respiratory physiology and fascial molecular biology (connective tissue). He aims to connect the ancient energetic philosophies of the Eastern world with the modern era of Western science.


Milly Taylor’s journey with wellness began at 15, when she experienced her first yoga class. With a background in dance, she was initially attracted to the physicality and fluidity of vinyasa yoga, but soon discovered the profound positive effect it was having on her struggle with anxiety. In 2017 Milly completed her first teacher training and has been sharing her passion ever since. She has travelled overseas teaching and completing more training, including yoga for youth and trauma-informed yoga, an area that she is now exploring further. Milly, who is currently studying psychology, is intrigued by how our human minds work and how much a mindful physical practice can positively shift energy and emotions. She aims to bring together all her skills and make yoga a tool that is more accessible for all people.

LES MILLS Wellness will be available on LES MILLS On Demand and in the Instructor Releases App from May 3rd 2021. You can find these sessions under: Education – Tips – Wellness. Go get your Zen on!