Workout for Water supports such an amazing cause, it can be easy to forget that helping others should be fun! It’s a big deal to ask your friends and members to fundraise with you, so we set out to discover some of the creative ways our Tribe are smashing it in the fundraising game.

Dan Cohen: “Two buddies I work with have been proudly been growing their beards for years! They’ve set up a team page and pledged to shave off their beards when they raise two grand. I’ve got my own team page already but I’ll donate to Chad and Drew just to see them fresh-faced.”

Carla Fitzsimons: “All our clubs have set up a team page for instructors to join up and fundraise as a team. Auckland City might have more of the big names but the competition is fierce to be the top fundraising club in New Zealand. I can’t wait to see who comes out on top.”

Shelby Schrader: “I said I’d do a burpee for every $1 over the initial goal (which I think was $414?). Well... it got to be A LOT! Members got a kick out of that! People are willing to give to a cause if they feel it hits a ‘why’. I can’t wait to do it again this year!”

Scott Martin: The facility I teach for has a very strict policy on fundraisers … so I pledged to do a combination of reps of jump squats, plyo lunges, burpees, push ups, and pull ups. Promoting the fundraiser and performing almost 6,000 reps was difficult … (but) using our platform to create a little good in the world is both responsible and respectable. I cannot wait for the next one!”

Christelle Schang: “I organised a 90 minute BODYCOMBAT event. I got shops to give some prizes and a food company to give some samples. We had 65 people on the day who all gave something. I did a lot of posts and reached out to friends and family across the globe to spread the word as well.”

Ainara Cabello: “The biggest challenge... explaining to my coordinator and club owner what was Workout for Water, the great cause it was and the amazing opportunity it was for our club. The best moment was when my boss told me that the club was going to donate all revenue from 18th November to 24th November!!!! I couldn’t believe it!!

Tommi Wong: “We created lots of hype around our class - we did a fancy dress class and people donated prizes for best and worst dressed.”

Mark Nu’u-Steele: “Give thanks and shout-outs to everyone that donates, no matter the amount. I did personal shout-outs on Instagram, and I also followed everyone that donated to my fundraising page.”

So once you’re inspired to make you Workout for Water event special for you and your friends, here are some top tips to help you smash your fundraising goal.

  1. Set up your page

And invite others to join you

  1. Plan your event

What’s the date, what’s your workout, how will it be special?

  1. Back yourself, and donate to your own page

It shows commitment to the cause and is a great way to kick-start your efforts

  1. Set a goal

Then celebrate with your donors when you smash it!

  1. Share on social

This motivates others and helps the world connect to Workout for Water

  1. Ask directly through email, WhatsApp etc.

A personal email is one of the most effective ways to fundraise. It’s the connection between people that brings success. The main reason people don’t donate is that they were never asked!

  1. Follow up and remind those who said they would support you

We all live busy lives and it’s really easy to put things off. A little reminder or nudge never hurt anyone

  1. Learn some stats about water poverty

700 children a day perish because they don’t have clean water

Girls often walk over four hours to access water

2.1 billion people do not have direct access to water

Dirty water kills more people every year than all armed conflict combined.