Back in August last year, I saw a link online for an organization called Women in Fitness. I thought, “Well, that’s got my attention because that’s me!”

I looked into what it was and it is what it says on the can. It’s a bunch of women working in the fitness industry, who have get together to share their experiences and skills and support each other.

This isn’t a group of women from one company that hang out together either, but some of the most accomplished business leaders from competitive companies getting together with a common goal: to break those societal limitations that have held many of us girls back. They aim to lift each other up to heights that might take another decade or so to reach if we continue to do it solo.

It’s a not-for-profit organization and becoming a member gives you access to a range of resources, including live and online meetings, mentorship and member discounts. It will help you forge a pathway in whichever field you are in faster than you could if you did it alone.

A recent member meeting had three fabulous speakers who energized the start to my day in a big way, and gave me so many insights and things to think about. I felt super lucky to have had that time to sit and listen to these brilliant women before I even got to work! Yes sure, I can motivate myself, but when someone else does it for me, I can save that energy to use elsewhere in my day.

This is a powerful way to share with each other. It’s not so much about “what can we get from this association?”, but rather “what can we give?” When you think about it that way, it carries so much more weight in terms of our contribution to the bigger picture. You might wonder what you can contribute, and whether you can learn anything here. What I say to that is, you won’t know if you can grow until you give it a go 😉

For me it’s been about joining a network of women who are committed to being there for each other. Sometimes that’s exactly what you need when you are stuck in a rut. All it takes is a chat with one of your mentors or a seminar, and then you see things with more clarity and a different perspective. Everyone’s talking about mindset, mindfulness… but sometimes our minds get too full when we are too mindful! Get out of your head and into someone else’s way of thinking and join this community to grow others, and yourself.