We’re so excited about the Q221 releases we can barely sleep! With BODYPUMP, BODYBALANCE, BODYCOMBAT and RPM filmed outside in nature, NINE rounds of Tabata in LES MILLS GRIT and a functional training feast in LES MILLS CORE, you and your participants are going to love the latest releases. Here are some of the highlights…


BODYATTACK 112 is an inspiring release! The music is an awesome mix of old school classics (did someone say Like a Prayer?!) as well as those hot off the charts. The theme of this release is to ‘be the best version of yourself’: take challenges and risks to improve your fitness while smiling and enjoying training together.

There are many new, cool movement patterns in this release with a focus on weight transfer exercises to build strength and coordination – like the fun Mambo and Backward Stepping Lunge Combo in Mixed Impact. The energy soars in Aerobic with Levitate to energize your fitness. The Plyometric track, our first peak, incorporates Burpees and Lunges to drive power and develop athleticism with plenty of choices to suit everyone!

In Athletic Strength, the new Lunge Combo is awesome for building core control and leg strength simultaneously. The pushups create a great burn to strengthen the upper body… some might say it’s the Best One Yet! In Track 6, we have the innovation of the Runners Knee and Circle Combo to improve our athletic performance.

The highlight of the release is the Agility track, Praise, where we experience contrast between speed training and stop-start movements to add variety and fun to the workout. Rave, our Interval track, is a huge dance hit! Have fun with this one before the final peak where we max out with three massive rounds of work.

You’ll love this release – I do! BODYATTACK energy and love from ME to you all.


This class, for us, is very significant. When we put the music together it seemed to form a single unit, without almost any effort. The choreography seemed more than natural and it felt like it fit so clearly to both of us (which is a rarity as you can imagine, we often have somewhat different ideas that we must flow together).

Hopefully, this class feels as balanced and easy as it did for us. Filming outside in nature allowed us to get deeper in the elements than ever before and lent itself to even more peace, noticing, and self-awareness.

We begin our practice with a beautiful Warmup to connect the body to the breath. We follow this up with six rounds of Sun Salutations, allowing you to fully immerse into the beauty of the movement and inspirational music.

Standing Strength is a big, powerful song, matched with strong poses to develop incredible leg and core strength, as well as mobility in the hips and shoulders.

We have simple poses – Willow Tree and Floating Half Moon – in the Balance track to allow your participants to find their internal focus.

We use PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) stretches in Hip Openers to bring a different energy to the poses and the choice to use Ujjayi Yoga breath as a great partner for this type of stretching. The Core track includes a Rolling Hover, a functional move which increases our strength for everyday rotational movements.

We have an extended held Camel Pose in the Back track to strengthen our posterior chain, before we stretch and mobilize our upper body with Seated and Lunge Twists.


BODYCOMBAT 87 is uplifting with every power track and every combat track is empowering. We’re thrilled to share this incredible mixed martial arts fitness workout with you!

Let’s Go straight into the workout with Track 2: high energy, low complexity, fast-paced and motivational. Track 3, our first big cardio peak, is an incredibly motivating song about your own Evolution. The focus is on short bursts of power, sustained over a long period of time: almost 7 minutes! The Double Uppercut feels super-charged!

In Track 4 we have a Kick Kata with a new Combo of Side Kick Hop Exchange into a Front Kick. This track challenges core stability and balance, whilst strengthening the muscles of the glutes, hip abductors and quads – all of which are needed in kick mastery. You will feel like your ninja skills just levelled up a belt or two!

Track 5 is our second cardio peak and it doesn’t disappoint! The first half focuses on grounded, integrated core work and muscular endurance with Pushups and Plank Jacks. In the second half, we have a ‘speed chase challenge’ with Lateral High Knee Runs and Modified Sprawls!

I’m Back, Track 6, has low complexity and high feel. It features the Alternating Jumping Lunge and Jump Squat Jack Combo. The Evasive Side Kick breaks up the sequence and helps our participants master lateral kick training.

Tarantino, Track 7, is all about power training with continuous combos, featuring Descending and Ascending Elbows as well as Knee Strikes.

Finally, we unleash ourselves with 6 minutes of an all-out endurance, high volume, high energy boxing track!

It’s the complete package of knockout workout tracks, delivered by a team of people who are committed to helping you find the best of you in every workout. It will motivate you to do it again and again!


You are gonna love BODYJAM 96 ‘Weerk Your Baack’ so much that I just wanna write “go watch BODYJAM 96 it’ll save us all a lot of time” and that’s the description this round… BUT ACTUALLY there are so many reasons why you’re going to love BODYJAM 96 that only the power of the keyboard can communicate. So, are you ready?!?

In chronological order, here are the reasons you are going to love BODYJAM 96 ‘Weerk Your Baack’:

1 Track one has the word ‘Booty’ in the title.

2 Track one also has this gorgeously twerky hand movement that matches your twerky butt.

3 Track two is Head and Heart, which is basically the best pop track of the last year.

4 Gandalf (me) spent 4 months choreographing, changing, tweaking and perfecting Head and Heart, a single 3 minute and 46 second track. 4… Months…

5 Track 3 I made and I’m super proud of it.

6 Track 4 is called Deathproof and it’s so good and SO LOUD, that we had to actually turn down the volume, so it sounded cleaner into the next song. It hits -2 LUFS which is completely nuts (go and google WTF is a LUF).

7 Unsurprisingly, the song called Divinity is absolutely divine.

8 When track 6 Levitating comes on, you already know the choreo and she starts signing and it’s just perfect BODYJAM.

9 This is actually a super obscure remix of World Boss, cause I never really got on board with the original, it was just a bit too sideways for me… But then I found this remix and it’s way more hype and got that insane rap in it.

10 Track 8, Vibe If I Back Up, is a completely new style of music you’ve probably never heard, with its roots in the Jersey Club sound. It’s so fresh and I love it.

11 The 'Oh My Gosh This Fortress is Fire' block has literally 7 different genres of music in it in this order: Throwback Pop, Soca, EDM Trap, Pop (like, the poppiest), a genre I like to call “WTF even is this”, then all smashed together to finale into Trap Soca EDM.

12 Also, I made track 15 and I’m super happy with it. IT WILL GET YOU SO HYPE.

13 Then the last track, Dakiti, is so stunning that I’d prefer it if you didn’t talk too much on stage while this song is happening.

How’s that?? Are you hype for BODYJAM 96 now??!!?? I THOUGHT SO.

Like I said, you’re gonna love it.



117 is filmed on location in one of New Zealand’s most scenic areas – Fiordland National Park. The views are absolutely stunning and complement the beauty of this simple BODYPUMP workout.

We blend traditional strength training and integrated functional exercises to tone and shape the major working muscles, increase core strength and activation levels. Multiple repetitions will drive the heart rate high to burn calories, giving us the ultimate resistance workout!

Highlights of Release 117 include the Squat track where we maintain controlled muscle tension with slow bottom halves to strengthen and tone, before developing the athletic chain with Squats up on toes!

The Chest track combines heavy barbell work with long sets of Pushups. Mixing traditional bar-work with functional exercises is a great way to create the fatigue that builds upper body and core strength.

In the Back track we perform simple choreography with a heavy weight to build strength in the posterior chain. We also have the double Clean & Press to increase our speed, power and athleticism.

In the Lunge track we create a mixed muscle burn by moving from a Backward Stepping Pulse Lunge to a Wide Pulse Front Squat.

The Shoulder track has an old school feel, with the return of the barbell Overhead Press! This is combined with Plate Side Raise, Side Rotator Raise and Rear Flys to deliver the ultimate in shoulder shaping.

We have a mix of great musical beats including dance, pop, hip hop and rock – all blended to create the perfect BODYPUMP feel. You and your class are going to love it!


Get ready for an explosion of fun, flavor and athletic step training that’ll have you joyfully smiling as you sweat!

Right from the start, we put some heat into your quads with squats and lunges, and then quickly disguise the leg burn with some upbeat rhythmic stepping to The Night, It’s All About Tonight, and Loca.

In Peak 1 we jump, bounce and spin as we drive our heart rates up to I Don’t Know Why, before moving on to Mixed Strength King Kong with some primal inspired training: the Gorilla Combo.

By now we’ll be sweating up a storm as we hit Peak 2 to Hang Me Out to Dry, then Conditioning 1 gets our legs and shoulders screaming to No Mercy.

The Party Step is my personal favorite in this release. It’s sassy and bold, so get ready to step with attitude and strike a pose or two. We have a new move in the Athletic Circuit, the Kick Sit. As with all new moves, take your time, absorb all the technique tips, and allow yourself to gradually master this cool exercise over your next few classes.

Peak 3, we go hard with the aptly-titled track, Hard!

We catch our breath as we shift our focus to training our triceps, shoulders, lower body and core, and finally we cool down to the super-chill track, Put Your Records On.


LES MILLS CORE 42 incorporates functional training to keep us strong and fit for everyday life!

Track 2 offers a massive Hover challenge with plenty of options so everyone can tailor the workout to suit them. We incorporate a knee drop to give extra bang for our buck; research in the Les Mills Lab has demonstrated that adding dynamic, balance challenges to a hover pattern raises the intensity.

In Track 3 we challenge our core in standing work with a Woodchop/ Halo Combination to develop rotational power. Our core muscles transmit power from our legs through to the upper body and training this mechanism with exercises such as woodchops and halos gives us more strength when pushing and lifting objects in daily life.

The Clam is back! We perform this fantastic move in Track 4 to strengthen our glutes and hips. One of the advantages of the Clam is that it works both left and right hip abductors simultaneously.

In Track 5 we trim our waistlines with Leg Drops and Side Hovers, before we train the posterior chain in Track 6 with Tabletop Leg Lift and Horse Stance to train strength endurance and movement precision.

For those of us teaching the 45-minute format – or swapping in a bonus track – we have Burpees and the Halo Slam in the Bonus 4/ Standing Strength 3!

You’re going to love the music and feel of this release, the complete package to prepare us for performing our daily activities.


The team have done it again! Another round of fresh challenges, innovative moves and creative themes to challenge our neuromuscular systems and generate incredible results.

So, what are you going to love about this release?

We know that intensity is the key to results in HIIT, and that’s why we have simple moves repeated multiple times. Both LES MILLS GRIT Cardio and Strength have Giant Sets, Tri-Sets and Supersets and feature moves such as the Pendulum Squat and Plate Jack Press (Strength) and Sprinter Lunge and Lateral Mountain Climber (Cardio). Both Cardio and Strength feature nine, that’s right, NINE, rounds of Tabata. Good luck!

Strength 36 is all about athletic performance, using the barbell to add resistance and take our training up another level. With a fun concept like ‘the countdown’ your participants will be physically and mentally engaged. Decreasing the resistance and reps allows us to keep dialling up the effort and tapping into peak performance levels.

We know repeatedly performing the same movement patterns means the body adapts and results can slow down, but not if you ‘RE-CODE’! The bonus Athletic block focuses on new movement patterns and combinations to create fresh stimulus and faster results, blending mental and physical challenges to shift our zone top HIIT levels even higher. Have fun with all the crazy fresh, fun, edgy moves and challenges in this block!


LES MILLS SPRINT 23 is the perfect workout to develop Speed, Power and Strength.

This release sits within a Pyramid structure. We work our way through Power, Speed and Strength to the peak of the workout – Track 5 ­– before we reverse down repeating tracks 4, 3, 2 and 1.

The Accelerated Warmup sets the scene and prepares the body for the ride ahead. Track 2 focuses on Power Endurance and is our first peak of class. It’s 4 minutes of continuous riding at Tempo, where the focus is to keep the muscles loaded for the entire time, trying to stay on Pace.

Track 3 Speed Tabata is about efficiency: turning the pedal quickly. The blocks of work are short, but so is the recovery!

In Track 4 we focus on developing leg, using Heavy Load and changing the body position between Stand and Sit.

The Power Tabata, Track 5, improves your overall max wattage on the bike. This track is absolutely going to push you to the limit with extended efforts of 4x 45 seconds!

And then you do it all over again…


The focus of this release is lateral work in the Cardio block, with exciting new explosive moves to surprise (and hopefully delight) your participants! We have a lot of balance work in the Strength block, with plenty of integrated core movements throughout.

Highlights of TONE 13 include the Weighted Open Deadlift with an option to lift heels, Halo Woodchop Combo to train rotational power, and Lateral Tuck Jumps to develop explosive power!

A new type of track has emerged – Cardio, Strength and Core in one... give it a try and let us know what you think!


RPM 90 blends new and old school tunes to create an epic cardio training workout!

Tracks 1 and 2 are all about connection and having fun with uplifting singalong tracks.

In Track 3 we dial down our excitement and focus on strength endurance as we ride to a slower pace, keeping the muscles under pressure throughout. There is more of a technical approach to this track, although we still want to allow the ‘coolness’ of the song to be felt.

The fun is back in Track 4 where we coach our class to “chase the beat” in a fast-paced Mixed Terrain!

In Track 5 we work hard through the 3 intervals, using the driving electro rock feel to motivate us.

The well-known melody in Track 6, Children, will challenge your class to work harder in the surges above the beat of the music. While we have less muscle pressure, we still want to focus on that feeling of muscular connection through the whole pedal circle.

Track 7, Grollow, brings the workout home with Power Climbs and Standing Attacks!


How to describe SH’BAM 43? Tune after tune after TUNE! This release is a non-stop thrill ride of amazing music that takes you on a journey through dance. It’s simple, sweaty, social and fun – all the things you want from your SH’BAM party!

The party starts with Pretty Savage. It then gets Hot before the Fiesta! really starts. Your participants will love the gorgeous arm lines in Rain On Me before we get full on disco with Hot Stuff. You’ll feel like a ballerina at a rave with the Flying Combo in Feel It before we experience an amazing cardio rush with a remix of Post Malone. Enjoy!

THE TRIP™ 25 – ‘L I G H T W A V E’

This release is inspired by the 80s synth-wave revival!

The atmosphere is created with heavy use of neon and a colour palette which is synonymous with this era. In addition, selective retro effects and elements were used to create spaces that blend seamlessly together.

Our opening graphic sequence uses a dirty VHS style filter to bring us into the vibe before being presented with a beautiful expansive view of the space we spend most of the workout in.

Our initial moments are spent travelling toward and through the outskirts of a large thriving city which shimmers in the low light.

Reflective surfaces are used heavily within internal spaces and these provide a wonderful depth to our experience, as well as refracting light and providing glimpses of unconventional views.

Midway into the workout we lift and move through some type of wormhole or transitional space which transports us to other dimensions. During this time, the workout factor is high, especially for those wanting the challenge!

We end the workout by exiting back through the transitional wormhole before finding ourselves back in the city we encountered at the start.

Our workout is progressive with a focus on longer flowing phases, combined with energetic transitions between the more intense working phases. This has been a key feature of recent releases and one our riders seem to be enjoying!