She’s the epitome of a group fitness leader, a fitness pro who passionately coaches others to reach their full potential – not just in the group fitness studio, in all aspects of life.

When BODYPUMP™ first landed in Australia, Perth-based instructor Kylie Gates was quick to jump onboard. Having been an athlete prior to getting into aerobics instruction she was one of the few women already sold on the benefits of strength training, and she loved the idea of empowering other women to lift weights.

Now, decades later, as Les Mills Creative Director, Kylie works closely with Les Mills’ Program Directors to shape and develop the music and moves that feature in the new releases, which are created every three months. She also has a key role as BODYPUMP Head Program Coach, which means she mentors and inspires instructors and presenters to reach their full potential. This passion for ongoing education and development also led Kylie to develop Les Mills’ new Advanced Training for instructors.

“When I first started, I never thought I’d be teaching 30 years on, but I will be, and probably in 40 years too! The reason I’ve managed to keep on teaching and loving it is that I stay engaged by knowing my purpose, my why, and by continuously striving to keep improving the experience for the people in front of me.”

“If I don’t teach I feel so empty – teaching is something that fills me up. It makes me feel like I am positively contributing to others’ lives. I feel privileged to have a platform where I can empower people to live healthier lives.”

Keen to find out about Kylie’s personal fitness regime?

“I don’t teach LES MILLS GRIT, but I love the workout, so I usually do it twice a week either at the gym or using LES MILLS On Demand. I also do a lot of yoga and walking.

"I think it’s important for people to train mentally and physically – which is why I love mind/body classes, yoga and walking. There is no way I can continue to do the amount of high-intensity exercise I do if I didn’t balance it out with yoga or BODYBALANCE every day. It’s what keeps my body mobile and supple.

"When you bring mindfulness to your training it makes a greater experience, it helps you be completely in that moment for however long you’re working out.”

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Kylie is a Creative Director for BODYATTACK, BODYBALANCE/BODYFLOW, CXWORX, SH’BAM and LES MILLS TONE. She is Head Program Coach for BODYPUMP.

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