Good news for iPhone and iPad users, the iOS version of the Releases app has an update that will make it a whole lot better to use.

If you’re using the Android version of the Releases App you will probably know about following features already. For those using the iOS version, we recently released an update which takes into account a lot of the Instructor feedback we’ve received in the last few months. If you’ve already updated, we hope you’re enjoying the features below, and if you haven’t tried using the app in a while, we hope you’ll download the newest version and have a go with it.

As with every mobile app, we have a long list of things we’re still planning to do in the year ahead, so each update makes your learning experience with the app easier (and yes, making playlists is on that list!).

This Release:

  • Download: A new download mechanism allows you to use subtitles and voice options on downloaded content, as well as picking up interrupted downloads where you left off.
  • Video: A new video player features the ability to flip the video orientation, based on how you hold the iPhone/iPad, and the ability to move forward and back in the video 15 seconds at a time.
  • Interface: New video menus make choosing a track or using subtitles/voices even easier than before.
  • Music: Changes to the music player make it more responsive to your touch commands (with more improvements coming this year).
  • Bugs: We've also squashed some bugs related to the watch/read mode that were causing some crashes, so the app should be more stable.
  • Inspiration: While you won’t see it today, once everyone has this release we’ll be able to provide an Inspiration carousel on the home page, which will hold videos related to our programs and Program Directors.
  • Choreography Notes: You’ll see the new choreography notes in the app for your Q1/2018 releases. In the weeks to come, you’ll also see last year’s notes replaced with updated versions that address your feedback from the previous year. Please keep the feedback coming using the link on the first page of the notes!

NOTES FOR iOS Instructors

When you update your iOS app you’ll notice a few changes. Here’s what you should know:

  • Previously downloaded content won't work properly once the app is updated – but there’s no need to worry. When you first open it, the app will delete and re-download any releases you’d previously downloaded. (You may want to wait till you’re connected to Wi-Fi before updating.)
  • You can also manage which releases are re-downloaded. You can do this either on the download screen immediately after updating and opening the app; or you can delete the releases before you update, then re-download just what you want.

Sorry about the extra steps, but you’ll only need to do it once, you won’t have to do it again for future updates, and we think you’ll agree it’s worth it when you see the downloaded content working in the new app!

Interested in being on the cutting edge?

We are looking for more Instructors who’d like to receive ‘beta’ versions of the app and offer direct feedback, before releases get sent to the wider tribe. We currently have about 500 Instructors signed up, but we’d like have many, many more. By being part of the beta program you get a sneak peek at what’s to come, and the first chance to offer feedback. The beta releases may not be perfect, but the more participants we have in the program, the more we’ll be able to weed out any issues before updates are sent out globally.

If you’re an instructor who wants to be the first to know what’s coming next, who already uses the app a few times per week or more, who’s willing to be a bit patient with the beta versions, and who’s willing to offer up direct feedback, we’d love to hear from you. Click this link to get added to the list.

Thanks so much to everyone who’s tested releases and especially to those of you who’ve offered feedback. We hope you’ll keep it coming.

All the Best,
Matty, Jordan, and the whole LMI Apps Team

Any feedback or questions drop us an email at!

Matthew “Matty” Perkins, Head of Digital Distribution LMI
Jordan Morrice, Music Operations Coordinator, LMI
Timothy Clark, Global Team Music Support, LMI

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